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Noodle Board - Faux Pallet

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(1) Noodle Board

- This Noodle Board accommodates most standard makes and models of ranges.
> Dimensions are roughly 30x22"
- You may choose between (10) different stains or (23) different paint wash colors
- You may choose the design pictured or a custom design


The Noodle Board will be finished with a clear protective Poly. Excessive moisture may damage the finish; However, just simply wipe away water with a clean rag to help your noodle board last longer!

Please allow the stove to cool completely before you place the wooden noodle board back on the stove top to avoid any possible fires.

This noodle board DOES NOT double as a cutting board. If you would like it to be, we can create one in a harder wood species. Contact us for more info, pricing may vary.



Every Plain&Simple Decor sign is handmade to order. Each piece of wood is hand-selected. We sand, stain, build, and hand paint each sign. Signs/Frames are stained with high-quality Poly, painted with high-quality Chalk paint or sometimes both. Because signs are hand painted, the letters will be slightly raised on each sign; However, we apply Poly over each sign. Each piece has its own natural imperfections, such as knots or other blemishes. We do not attempt to hide these. We believe this gives our product uniqueness that everyone will love. Because of this, no two signs will be exactly alike.

Please be aware that each piece of wood takes wood stain differently. Wood stain colors may differ slightly than example pictures due to the nature of each piece of wood. Please keep in mind that all computer monitors show colors differently, and items can look different in person.